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DirecTV or Dish Network?

It is common for people to make upgrades in their life. When it comes to entertainment, people switch from cable to satellite TV all the time. Two providers will make this possible, DirecTV and Dish Network  Network. Therefore, which one do you pick? Below are some comparisons between the two satellite providers. Pricing The prices and programming are what will determine if a person is going to get Dish Network  or DirecTV. Through several comparisons, it seems like the Dish Network  offers their services at a cheaper rate than the DirecTV. For only $19.99/month, you get to enjoy a lot of entertainment from Dish Network  as opposed to DirecTV, which will cost you $29.99/month. For those who love premium channels such as HBO and Showtime, then DirecTV will be your best option. However, there is not much difference as the DirecTV charges a penny less than Dish Network  on these premium channels. Channel packages DirecTV beats Dish Network  hands down when it comes to picking the best channel packages. DirecTV offers five different packages to choose from. They have many channels to watch even in their basic package. In addition, for those looking to watch premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime, they are also available at cheap rates. A lot people enjoy the more than 185 HD channels from DirecTV. If you love to catch up on all the games you missed during the week, DirecTV is the best option. It offers a channel where all the analysis is done on all the games for the past week. Features No one loves commercials. Most people always feel like it is a waste of time on the premium packages. Luckily, Dish Network offers a feature called Autohop where you can skip the commercials. That feature is unavailable for people using DirecTV. Dish Network can be watched anywhere provided you have an active internet connection. For DirecTV it is confined to within the walls of your home. Sometimes you might want to record a show and watch it later. It is a standard option for Dish Network. Things are different for the DirecTV, as you have to buy additional hardware to enjoy such a feature. Installation and maintenance services Both providers offer free installation for their new customers. The DirecTV equipment will be installed by a professional installer who will have to install and test the equipment before leaving. The installer can offer training to people who have never used DirecTV before. Dish Network also has free installation of their service and provides other different installations for TVs. You can request a wall mount or additional home theater speakers to make sound amazing. Customer support Good customer support is what can keep client happy or not. Both Dish Network  and DirecTV offer what they claim is 24/7 customer support. However, if it is late at the night, a scheduled maintenance will need to be carried out during the following day. DirecTV seems to have a better reputation for attending to their customers than Dish Network. i
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